Grooming Personalities

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

Do you want to improve your personality? Things Matter A Lot In Grooming Personalities is the ultimate beauty and wellness community, with tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best.

Personality grooming is a healthy task. A person must be confident and conscious about self. Awareness regarding oneself is crucial. Personality is a set of abilities and types of emotions. To function in these sets, development, and changes are essential. Without these steps, a person cannot grow up properly. Another thing matter is the mindset. Education for a fertile mind is the process of personality grooming. Here we discuss how personalities groom.

Introduction Of Personality Grooming

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

Personality is a set of qualities that makes you different from others. Speaking style, body posture, and language are automatically shown these qualities. Many times it is stimulated by others when anyone interprets with others. For example, when you introduce others, you start by telling them their name, the style you choose, and body language. All fall into personality categories. This process reveals about you even when you open your mouth to speak or communicate with others. This information becomes your identity for college, University, Office, and around people. The struggle you do for perfection regarding behavior, speaking style, body posture, and style is called personality grooming. Many people try to change with time, while some believe in remaining natural and even ignore this area.

What Consider Most

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

Various factors consider in personality changes. People love to look decent. For that, they start mimicking their favorite celebrities. They pick their style of clothing, hairstyle, and phrases for communication. There you ask yourself a question, What kind of qualities will make you a different and pleasant person? Because many times, people pretend to be different in the workplace and distinct in relationships. How you can groom yourself is a process. Let us see what it is.

How To Groom

If you ask for a suggestion, there is a plethora of information. But you cannot carry them all. So, you have to select the prominent one. Which area has to recover or needs change? What steps do you have to take to become a better person?

Love Yourself

For any change, you have to do it at first instance. Loving yourself is the key to building confidence, self-esteem, and personality grooming. If you ignore yourself, how can you notice the lack of areas? Do not underestimate your efforts and achievements, even if those are tiny. Appreciate yourself. Encourage positive acts and thoughts.

Avoid Strange Habits

People do silly things and even don’t notice. Never interrupt the conversation. It leaves a wrong impression. Give importance to others. Listen first, and this will lead you to better relationships. Biting nail is a bad habit.

Moreover. not good for your health. Nails are where most of the germs live. So stay from chewing your nails while interacting with others.

Appreciate Others

People around us also want the same love as we do. So, give value to them. Appraise them for achieving goals, success, and hard work. This will provide them with positive energy and give you a good impression.

Admit Your Mistake

Accepting your flaw is difficult enough. Because it is human being nature that thinks one self correct all time. That doe not happen every time. You are finding your mistake and flaws an opportunity to reset them. You learn to form the past and use them as a lesson. Whenever you confront the same situation, think about the different reactions. So, how can you change yourself and develop good habits?

Do Smile More

Smiling brings happiness, and happiness becomes the reason for grooming. Do smile when you meet anyone. It will create a good image of you. Enhance your personality by putting a broad smile on your face. Many times you are suffering from a challenging period of life. People do not expect you to be happy. When you meet them as an average and smiley person, it will be a surprise for them.

Busy Your Self in Finding New

Exploring new ideas is a crucial factor in change. Try to find new things about what you did and should do. Your endeavor to search for new things will set you apart from others. It will add more elegance to your personality.

Attitude and personality grooming techniques

No event arises without a background

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

Psychologist Absar Fatima

“There are many things in the world to study, but the study of man is the best subject.” because we’ve all had experience living our lives in unique ways.

Man is a living being that changes all the time because conditions have a profound effect on human life. A conscious person accepts this change positively. Thus, the study of a person’s personality gives an idea of ​​the intricacies of human psychology and, at the same time, gives an opportunity to see and understand closely the art of creating harmony between actions and reactions. A person who has an understanding of human behavior lives a better life than others because knowledge and ignorance can never coexist in the same place or produce the same result.

One of the best ways to study a person is also prevalent in literature, which is commonly called the genre of interview writing. Through this, the journey of a person over the years can be captured in moments, and through this, his individual and collective ideas are also known, and his thoughts on all these aspects come out openly on the subject of discussion. They are looking for an opportunity to do so. Taking full advantage of the importance of interviewing, today I am sitting with a questionnaire in front of a person who belongs to a field that teaches the skill of studying human beings, which also has the ability to unravel the knots of human behavior.

This is called psychology, and the experts in this field are called psychologists. The writing ability of those whom I am addressing is also amazing. His writings have created readers in different places. She always strives to see the facts in their original form while avoiding traditional thoughts. She is making full use of her skills in this field. You and I know her as Absar Fatima.

Absar Fatima: Masters in Psychology and Sociology and a Diploma in Criminology. I am also a novelist and fiction writer

Learning based on natural abilities makes the educational journey easy and enjoyable, but at the same time, it is important that the teaching method is friendly. My heart will be broken by it if even my favorite thing is taught to me through harshness and violent behavior. And this is also the main reason why most children run away from education.

What obvious changes do you notice between your childhood personality and your current personality?

It is said that a person has a deep imprint of his childhood habits and attitudes that remain in one form or another throughout his life. How do you view this idea?

If it is really so, then how to change your habits at an early age?

Absar Fatima: It is true that our childhood experiences play an important role in shaping our personality. I too faced problems till a certain age. I have mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is a congenital psychiatric condition. Most children have this problem with learning disorders. That’s why it’s difficult to diagnose children with mild cases like mine.

Because of this, I was scolded a lot as a child for not listening attentively, dropping things, being lazy, etc. This gradually led to depression until boyhood. Then, when I studied psychology, I first realized my depression. And then the main cause of this depression, i.e., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, was discovered. As my degree helped me in this regard, I was able to come out of these childhood problems better. But children who do not receive timely psychological counseling grow up to adopt a mature personality in which negative behaviors are often present as a reaction to negative behaviors experienced in childhood. These often lead to different types of personality disorders.

You belong to the field of psychology. Have you always been interested in psychology and what was the driving force behind this interest?

Absar Fatima: No, I was not interested in psychology from the beginning. We tend to be interested in fields and subjects that we have either read about or have been greenlit about by someone else. Both factors do not exist in psychology, neither are we taught basic psychology in school, nor does anyone see the field as a fancy career. After inter, I had taken admission in BBA first, but the local institute which was conducting this degree got closed and I had to choose another option. At that time, I was interested in doing something unique and took admission in psychology.

We have a myth here that even those who study psychology become a little bit psychotic. This is the reason why some people shy away from opting for psychology by believing what they have heard. Why do you think people say this and what are the reasons?

Absar Fatimah: A large majority thinks this only because, here in general, the more educated are considered to be arrogant. One of the reasons for this is that educated or intelligent people do not follow many illogical social conventions and prefer to live a simple and easy life. This misconception for psychologists also exists because people think that spending the whole day with psychiatric patients must have an effect on them. While this is just a misunderstanding,

Can a psychology student or psychologist ever suffer from a psychological complication?

What are the percentage chances of this happening and how can he get out of this situation if it does?

Any person related to the field of psychology, be it a specialist or a student, may suffer from psychological problems themselves, that is, some may be born with these psychological problems, as I mentioned for myself. Some have these problems in early childhood. Getting rid of different types of phobias or personality disorders is not easy, but a good psychologist will be able to deal with it in a balanced manner. But some social factors have a strong influence and the natural response to such abnormal factors is that the person gets into psychological stress. But after that, psychological treatment is necessary. Treating psychologists with disrespect and expecting them to be psychologists so they don’t have to react is abuse. Psychologists have the right to be treated positively and with respect, like every human being.

The one blessing that every human being gets equally is life. After that, the goods of life, the amount of which is different for everyone.

Does the lack and excess of luxury life interfere in making a person good or bad or do their personal tendencies and environmental influences build their personal life?

Absar Fatimah: Modern theory in psychology works on a bio-psycho-social approach. That is medical, social, and psychological factors all together create a personality. None of them can be held responsible for any kind of human behavior in general.

In the early days of human psychology research, experts called it the “soul of science,” although later this term was changed. My question is how important do you think spirituality is for balanced psychological health? It is natural to think of a creator when thinking of the soul, so how can those who are atheists compensate for this deficiency in order to improve their psychological health?

You yourself said that this was the early days of psychology. Psychology no longer speaks of spirituality. Now there is talk of the environment and behavior, and human behavior is evaluated with a completely scientific method. In such a case, what the student of psychology believes has nothing to do with his education. That is why today’s psychology is capable of providing psychological help to people of all faiths and beliefs. It should also be noted here that if a psychologist is promoting a particular theory in the name of treatment, he is adopting an unauthentic approach. Which may be liked by the patient but may not be useful in his psychological problem.

What message would you like to convey to people through this interview and why?

Absar Fatimah: I always have one piece of advice: if we want to play a positive role for others, first of all, it is important to work on our emotional stability. Learn your basic rights and adopt positive ways to exercise them. Because until we ourselves are emotionally stable, our emotional problems will continue to create problems for others.

Grooming in personality development

Personality formation and development

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

It is our personalities that make us who we are, but how do we shape our personalities? Personality development is an important topic of interest for most important theorists in psychology. Since the beginning of psychology as a separate science, researchers have proposed different ideas to explain how and why personality is developed.

Personality development refers to how organized behavior develops over time to manage each person’s unique personality. Many factors influence personality, including genetic, environmental, parental, and social variables. Perhaps most importantly, it is the constant interaction of all these influences that continues to shape the personality over time.

An exploration of some key theories of personality formation

We are all different because of our personalities, but how does personality change? How do we become who we are today? What elements are most crucial in the development of personality? Can personalities ever change?

Several eminent theorists have developed theories to describe the many procedures and stages involved in the formation of theories. The theories that follow concentrate on several facets of personality development, such as moral, social, and cognitive development.

Freud’s Stages of Psychological Development

In addition to being one of the most famous figures in the field of personality development, Sigmund Freud remains one of the most controversial. In his well-known stage theory of psychological development, Freud proposed that personality develops in specific stages that correspond to specific age zones.

He suggested that failure to complete these steps would lead to personality problems in adults.

Freud’s structural model of personality

Freud not only theorized how children develop during childhood, but he also developed a framework for how the overall personality can be organized. According to Fernwood, the primary driving force of personality and behavior is known as independence. This liberation energy fuels the three components of energy that make up the personality: the ID,

IPP is a personality trait present at birth. It is the most important part of the personality and drives and urges people to fulfill their most basic needs. The ego is the aspect of the personality that controls the IM’s needs and forces it to cope in realistic ways. Espero is the final aspect of personality to develop and contains all the ideals, morals, and values ​​influenced by our parents and culture. This part of the personality is to act according to these ideals according to the ego. It is necessary to wonder between the requirements of the idealization of reality and the quality of identification.

Despite the lack of support from many researchers and much skepticism, Freud’s concepts of the id, ego, and ego have gained popularity in popular culture.

According to Fernwood, these three elements work together to form complex human behaviors.

Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development

Erikson’s eight-stage theory of human development is one of the most famous theories in psychology. While the theory builds on Freud’s stages of psychological development, Exxon focuses on how social relationships influence personality development. The principle is to survive childhood to see development throughout childhood.

At each stage of psychological development, people face a crisis that must be dealt with.

Those who successfully complete each stage come away with a sense of mastery and prosperity. Those who do not resolve the crisis at each stage may struggle with their skills for the rest of their lives.

Piaget’s stages of cognitive development

In psychology, Piaget’s theory of geographic development is described, although subject to much criticism. While many aspects of his theory have not stood the test of time, the central idea is still important today: children think differently than adults.

According to Piaget, children develop through a series of four stages that are indicated by various changes in how they think. How you think about your children, others, and the world around them plays an important role in the formation of your personality.

Quallberg’s Stages of Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg developed a theory of personality development that focused on the development of moral thinking. Building on the two-stage process proposed by Piaget, Kohlberg expanded the principle to include six different stages. While the theory has been criticized for a number of reasons, including possibly not accommodating different social and cultural factors and culture, Kohlberg’s theory is important to our understanding of how personality develops.

With one word

Personality includes not only aesthetics but also cognitive and behavioral traits that influence how people think and act. Temperament is an important part of the personality that has heritable characteristics. These are aspects of personality that are numerous and have lasting effects on behavior. Character is another aspect of a personality that is influenced by experience that continues to grow and change throughout life. While personality continues to develop over time and respond to life influences and experiences, much of personality is shaped by the makeup and early childhood experiences.

What is the importance of grooming in personality development?

Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities
Things Matters A Lot In Grooming Personalities

Personification. To make a positive change in life is to improve your outer and inner self. Each individual has a distinct personality that can be Evolved, polished and refined

What is grooming in communication?

t is the process of making yourself clean and attractive. Things you do to make yourself and your appearance clean and pleasant. Grooming is important for a positive self-image and to encourage and assist the resident to maintain a pleasant and attractive appearance.

What does good grooming have to do with personality?

Self-grooming not only affects your mental well-being but also helps make you a unique person. Personality. You feel better about yourself and go the extra mile to maintain a positive attitude.

What is grooming and what is its importance?

Grooming is generally defined as activities that involve caring for one’s appearance and well-being. It is the art of maintaining body parts like the face, hair, nails, skin, etc. Grooming is important for everyone, but it is especially important for women.

What are cleanliness and hygiene?

Personal. Maintaining good hygiene helps keep the body healthy and stops the spread of germs. Hair, nail, and grooming care. These activities include things like shaving, nail painting, and hair styling.

What are grooming classes?

physical Grooming classes are where you get tips on makeup, styling your clothes, outfits and matching outfits, hairstyles, and how to match them all to your body and face shape. For men, this. Grooming classes can be pretty much the same thing, except for makeup.

What does personal hygiene include?

Personal hygiene is How do you take care of your body? This practice. including bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth, and more. You come into contact with millions of foreign viruses and bacteria every day. They can stay on your body, and in some cases, they can make you sick.

What are the symptoms of grooming?

Grooming signs

  • They are very secretive about how they spend their time, including online.
  • Having an old boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • money or brand-new items like clothing and smartphones that they are unable or unable to explain.
  • underage drinking or drug use.
  • They use their smartphones or the internet more or less.
  • How many types of grooming are there?
  • 3 types. Criminals and their grooming. The pattern

Is fostering a crime?

seen as a precursor to the act of criminal sexual assault, sex in certain contexts. Grooming is a standing criminal offense

What are the six techniques used in grooming?

targeting the victim. Traffickers target victims with some notable vulnerability: emotional need, low self-esteem, or economic pressure.

gaining confidence and information. The idea is to learn as much as you can about the victim.

  • Fulfill a need.
  • Separation.
  • The abuse begins.
  • Maintain control

What is grooming in adults?

Grooming is a form of abuse that involves manipulating someone until they become isolated, dependent, and more vulnerable to exploitation. A consequence of grooming.

What is grooming behavior?

A tool common to child sex offenders Grooming: Manipulative behavior that an abuser uses to gain access to a potential victim, forcing them to agree to abuse and reduce the risk of getting caught.

What are the effects of grooming?

Effects of Grooming One of the main consequences of grooming is that the survivor has to bear the shame of the events, often manifested by a sense of complicity—that you let it happen. This self-blame again makes it difficult to talk about the abuse.

What are the stages of grooming?

What is baby grooming? These are Six hunter steps up

  • Search for prey.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Help the oppressed.
  • Isolate the victim.
  • Make the relationship sexual.
  • maintain relationships and power.

What is narcissistic grooming?

a narcissist. Take control of the people in your life by releasing difficult emotions. After a period of grooming for an intimate relationship, the narcissist moves to use trauma, fear, and guilt to maintain control.

Why are narcissists so angry?

The narcissist’s attempts to be seen as perfect are essential to his grandiose image. If the perceived state of perfection is not reached, it can lead to guilt, shame, anger, or anxiety because the subject believes that if they are imperfect, they will lose the admiration and love of other people.

Importance of grooming in professional life

Professional life also has certain rules and ethics, which help you become a better and more reliable person. However, ethics should not only be demonstrated in the company or at home but should be a part of your personality, whether you are a company employee or a student.

Ethics includes many qualities, and you can certainly master them with your own efforts. Among these qualities, the most important is to have a sense of responsibility, which makes you respected in your organization. You have to earn the trust of your bosses or management through your hard work, consistency, and achievement of clear goals. Your work ethic will improve with these five suggestions.

A great start to the day

You may think that working late into the night will help you achieve your goals, but the most important thing to remember is to get up early in the morning and get your important work done because that’s when the day starts. Those who put in the effort succeed. If you are used to staying up late at night, working, partying, or watching movies, it will be difficult for you to wake up early in the morning. That is why it is said that waking up early in the morning is not a miracle, but sleeping early at night is a matter of perfection.

A proper start to the day will ensure that your productivity increases and you stay mentally sharp. So don’t act lazy after waking up in the morning and get up as soon as the alarm goes off. Then do some exercise, drink coffee or tea, and make the most of the day. If you have an important task or responsibility to do, plan it during the day or go to bed thinking about it the night before. Doing so will motivate you to get up early in the morning.

Setting clear goals

If you don’t know who you are working for, you can never improve your work ethic. Make sure you have clear objectives or goals. This way, you will become more determined and hard-working. This behavior also helps to deal with future events. Sometimes people limit themselves instead of pushing themselves forward. If you are not very active, just look at the people around you. The success they get from being active might inspire you too.

Use every second

Today’s tasks should be finished today. If you can do that, then never leave a job unfinished. Delay tactics are your worst enemy. Spend less time on social media and stay away from TV, so you can better focus on your job. Every minute of the day can be put to good use. Establish a busy schedule and follow it. Focus specifically on working hours.


Being on time should be your greatest virtue. Imagine that you have to go for a job interview and if you arrive late, it means that the company will not consider you for the job because your tardiness indicates that you will not be a responsible and reliable worker.

Every company appreciates a great work ethic. So it is better that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time. The same applies to college, friends, and every other meeting you have. You can practice this throughout your life and eventually become a person who is always punctual. Punctuality brings discipline to anyone’s life.

Learn from mistakes

Ansa is prone to errors and makes mistakes. First of all, admit it when you make a mistake and promise or intend not to repeat the same mistake in the future. Learn from the mistakes and try not to let them dampen your enthusiasm. In your professional life, you will face numerous challenges, and you will make mistakes while meeting them.

If you want to improve your work ethic, you have to become a better employee. Make sure mistakes are kept to a minimum and do not negatively impact your performance.

Personality grooming tips for students

Attributes of an ideal student, studying Islam in the light

Allah, the Exalted, has given man the superiority of knowledge and understanding over other creatures. The main purpose of human life is to equip oneself with knowledge.

The human effort to acquire knowledge and understanding is called education. It is because of education that man has been exalted to the highest level of excellence. A student when his student years (ten to fifteen years) according to the terms and manners, then thanks to the mercy and grace of Allah, he occupies an important position in society due to knowledge and wisdom, wisdom and intelligence, and training and morals. When students complete their studies. If they spend their time according to principles and manners, then Allah, the Exalted, takes from them the guidance and leadership of others and the welfare of humanity. It is clear as day that if principles and manners are not followed then even the greatest works cannot provide useful results. Abstinence has always been made mandatory along with medicine.

If the patient continues to use the best medicine prescribed by the doctor and indulges in gross deviation from the doctor’s instructions, i.e., bad abstinence, then the patient will not get the benefit of the treatment. Two things to achieve perfection and mastery in any work have been made very important.

Dos (does) means, in the execution of any work, the application of all the conditions necessary for the successful completion of the work.

Work Donts) refers to avoiding and avoiding issues and elements that create obstacles in the performance of any work. Students are the custodians of the nation and nation and they play a key role in the formation of the future society. Therefore, for a successful student and human being, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions and overcome obstacles for the successful completion of their work and affairs. It is important to take care. If students fail to take care of these two things, then failure becomes their destiny.

Whether they are students or other people, when they follow these two things, they achieve perfection in their knowledge and skills. The most important responsibility of students is to achieve enlightenment through the reformation of their faith and thoughts. It is important for the students to understand the hidden mysteries of creation in addition to paying the rights of their Creator, Sustainer, and Sustainer in order to be entitled to God’s mercy in eternal life. The favorite terms and useful elements (Dos) have been covered in Tehsil Ilm.

Dos: The impact of changes in social life has also been felt in education. Due to specialization, various fields have come into existence in the field of education. Modern educational research has determined new ways of development and civilization. At the same time, objective education has also been affected. The career trend in modern education has completely changed the objective of education.

While the purpose of acquiring knowledge was to determine the direction of life and the highway of life, the trend of selfishness and financial gain has undermined the spirit of education. An education that does not contain the substance of human reformation is just a burden and The modern sciences, which we refer to as science, if they do not guide man towards his real goals, then they are no less than an illusion. For the acquisition of knowledge, students define themselves with the qualities described below and not only as ideals. One can become a student but also lead a successful life.

(1) The purpose of acquiring knowledge:

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak was passing through a place

Then he saw a boy whose face was full of intelligence. He asked the boy, “Have you read anything or are you wasting your time and life like this?”

The boy replied, “I have not read much. I have only learned four things. ” He asked, “Which one?” He said, “The knowledge of the head, the knowledge of the ears, the knowledge of the tongue, and the knowledge of the heart have been obtained.” You said, “Tell me something too.” The boy said, “The head is for bowing down before Allah Ta’ala, the ears are for listening to the words of Allah, the tongue is for remembering Him, and the heart is for remembering Allah.” Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Mubarak was so impressed by the wise words of the boy that he asked him for advice. Then never hope in anyone other than Allah.’

From this incident, we know that the acquisition of knowledge is an act of worship and its acceptance is dependent on sincerity and divinity. The purpose of acquiring knowledge should be self-awareness and God-awareness, and not the pursuit of worldly goals. In today’s materialistic environment, students need to know what, when, and from whom to learn. Knowledge should awaken the awareness among the students of who they are, what this world is, what life and death want from them, who sent them to the world and why, and who is their guide, guide, and guide in this worldly journey. Is.

(2) The true demand and passion for knowledge;

The literal meaning of student is a concern for me. Where there is demand, carelessness cannot exist. Both demand and carelessness cannot be combined. In the heart of the student. The sea of ​​passion for knowledge is always churning, and the heart is always in such a state that until it achieves success in its goal, it remains anxious and anxious and continues to struggle until it achieves its goal. Imam Yusuf says that “Knowledge is such a thing that when you devote your whole life to it, then knowledge will give you a part of it. When you get a part of it, then on it.” “Don’t sit back, but try to achieve more.”

(3) Value and importance of time and time discipline:

Time is a great blessing not only for students but for every human being. Students should protect their time and not waste it in useless and useless activities. It has been said that the quality of a person’s Islam is that he leaves the useless. It is mandatory for students to avoid useless and useless matters so that their ability and worth can increase.

(4) Continuous hard work and hard work;

The world is a house of reasons and a person has to adopt reasons for success in this world and the hereafter. That is why there is a need to focus on the reasons. Allah is the cause of the causes and everything is under the power of Allah, that is why the success of this world can be achieved only by adopting the causes, but the success of the hereafter depends on a life of faith.

Allah Ta’ala bestows a man with the same amount of hard work and dedication. An Allah la yazi’ ajr al-mohsenin (Allah does not waste the hard work of those who work with sincerity). The word Ihsan is derived from Ihsan, and Ihsan means to do well. To do something well, hard work, effort, and hard work are all necessary. In Sharia reform, Ihsan is called sincerity and godliness.

From this verse, it is known that Allah Almighty never ignores the hard work of philanthropists. will But the students should strive and strive only for the pleasure of God, because the purpose and desire of acquiring knowledge is self-awareness and God-awareness, and it is because of these attributes that knowledge has been declared a blessing. lack of sincerity and godliness among students. There is a big obstacle in the acquisition of useful knowledge. The qualities required for students with hard work, sincerity, modesty, literature, good morals and distance from sin have been made necessary for the acquisition of knowledge.

As long as the joy of hard work is not developed in the students, they will not develop a passion for acquiring knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge can be made possible only at the expense of hard work. The hard work of our forefathers in the matter of acquiring knowledge is a beacon for us. It is related to Hazrat Sadi Shirazi who once his wife while mocking his lack of knowledge, hit him on the head with a spoon and injured his head. and left for education.

At that time, you were more than forty years old. Due to Kabir Suni, you had to face great pain and difficulties in learning pronunciation. It was very difficult to learn difficult words from the language and because of the jokes of your peers. He used to feel empty. Once, he was saddened by the emptiness and taunted during the pursuit of knowledge and went to the place of suicide and the well to end his life. Before jumping into the well, his eyes fell on the wheel of the well. I saw that due to the water coming out of the well, the spinning wheel slipped like a rope. Then I thought that if a delicate thing like a rope can cut iron, then how can acquiring knowledge and paying for difficult words be difficult and impossible for me? As soon as he came, he made a renewed determination to acquire knowledge and engaged in the study of knowledge with all dedication and hard work.

May Allah give you the best reward for your hard work. Because Allah Ta’ala does not waste the hard work of those who work (An Allah La Yazi Ajr Ameeleen). Despite the passage of centuries, Hazrat Sadi Shirazi’s wisdom and knowledge are still recognized in the world.

Despite your old age, your hard work has made you a leader in knowledge and literature. Hard work is required to acquire knowledge. It is not possible to achieve it by mere wishes and desires. gets grades. Sheikh Yahya, who is called Uma Al-Nahwa, was a sailor but was very passionate about knowledge. When Umar Aziz was over forty years old, he decided to acquire knowledge, but because of his age, he started to hesitate. Once, he saw that an ant with a palm kernel in its mouth was climbing toward the top and continued its efforts despite repeated failures, finally succeeding in its goal.

As soon as he saw this scene, Sheikh Yahya decided to acquire knowledge and set his boat in search of knowledge. Through his day and night hard work and effort, he not only succeeded in acquiring the knowledge of language, narration, syntax, vocabulary, and logic, but his knowledge of these sciences is still recognized throughout the world. That’s why he is called Imam al-Naha. The whole life of an ideal student consists of struggle. When negative qualities like laziness, laziness, and cowardice arise in front of an ideal student, he crushes all these negative emotions with his first determination. A student is an ideal example of movement and movement. An ideal student always keeps himself away from gossip, nonsense, and meaningless activities.

(5) determination, and courage;

A high ideal creates a high character, while a low ideal creates a weak character. Self-reliance, aspirations, hope, and self-confidence are the weapons of an ideal student. It causes

For an ideal student, hard work and determination are very important. If a student works hard but does not have high determination, he will not gain much knowledge. Even if a student lacks courage, high morale, and hard work, he still fails to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is a valuable thing, and every valuable thing requires hard work and great courage. That is why it has been said. That knowledge is gained only by abandoning constant labor, comforts, and pleasures.

(6) Bookishness and study habits:

An ideal student always develops his relationship with books. He studies regularly at a fixed time every day. The habit of regular study every day leads to maturity with increasing knowledge.

It is very beneficial to study the lesson before teaching it to the congregation. By arranging daily lesson studies in Kabul, the lessons will be well memorized and preserved. An ideal student listens to the explanation and understanding of the lesson in the class (the teacher’s teaching) very diligently and wholeheartedly, because of the repetition and repetition of the lesson help in understanding the subject itself and developing mastery of the subject. Uniformity in the acquisition of knowledge. And unification is of great importance.

Students should seek guidance from teachers to create order and order in the selection and study of books. Ease, easiness, and complacency are harmful not only during the student period but at every stage of life. When these habits of students start to dominate, then they need to invest good time in studying, even if they have to fight with their habits. Selfishness, or self-interested behavior, is the biggest obstacle in the evolution and development of personality. For an ideal student, intellectual process (application) and critical thinking are also necessary so that he cannot accept everything with his eyes and ears closed.

(7) Etiquette and respect:

For an ideal student, etiquette and respect for the teacher and all objects related to knowledge are necessary. (c) If the literature of the book is not taken into account, then the student’s abilities will not develop, nor will he be able to burn his potential, nor will he get spiritual development.

Students should always avoid debates, confrontations, and arguments with the teacher. Do not raise your eyes in front of the teacher, do not rush the conversation, and do not put a bill on your forehead, because these things are considered impolite not only to the teacher but also to adults. If any mistake, impoliteness, or mistake happens to the student, then he should immediately seek forgiveness from the teacher with humility, remorse, and humility.

(8) Elevation of character;

A student may be hardworking, a good student, and have a lot of information, but when his morals and character are bad, then all these qualities prove to be useless. An ideal student in studies. Along with being interested, he is active and serious about solving the problems of society and his colleagues. He is warm-hearted, lively, open-minded, open-minded, positive-minded, sociable, and well-wishing for all. An ideal. A student always has star-studded confidence and the ability to create their own space.


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