1 Of The Best Essential Oils For Acne

1 Of The Best Essential Oils For Acne
The Best Essential Oils For Acne

After conducting much research, it has been proved that essential oil can be used for health care, and I think it has excellent effects. There is a significant problem on our face which is acne. Many look for different types of over-the-counter medication and remedies to get rid of acne. Many studies have found that these essential oils can be very beneficial for acne because they are naturally derived from herbs. So this post will introduce the best essential oil for acne and other face problems. There are many oils available in the market, some of them are:

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Causes Of Acne

There are different types of causes of acne on the face. Here are some reasons included:

  • papules,
  • pustules,
  • blackheads
  • scarring on the skin
  • flushing around the affected areas
  • cysts

How do you mix essential oils for acne?

Use non-jojoba oil, comedogenic oil, or rosehip oil as carrier oil.
Use 1 drop of essential oil per 5 ml of carrier oil. But different essential oils have different levels of potency.

Is peppermint oil good for acne?

It’s good because peppermint has a cooling effect, so it’s often used to reduce pain and inflammation. Peppermint oil also has antibacterial properties. If there are sores or swollen pimples, diluted peppermint oil can give you relief if there are sores or swollen pimples. If the problem is severe, do not use it without consulting your doctor.

What Are Essential Oils?

1 Of The Best Essential Oils For Acne
The Best Essential Oils For Acne

Essential oil is made from different plants. These essential oils are naturally produced by extracting extracts from the roots or leaves of plants. Some of these essential oils are kept pure by Arabs, But sometimes they are mixed with caring oil to dilute them. When some scientists experimented with extracting this oil, they say that think that essential oils also have some antimicrobial effects.

Essential Oils For Acne

The Best Essential Oils For Acne-Juniper Oil

Juniper oil has a unique and superior oil for getting rid of acne as it fights against various types of germs. Now, when you apply this oil to the face, there is no need to be surprised because this oil gives a slightly warm feeling. The oil has many properties like antimicrobial and antibacterial in that well removes acne and pimples from our face very quickly. Using this essential oil reduces our pain and clears our face from blemishes. This oil is very popular, and this oil has more benefits.

The Best Essential Oils For Acne-Lemon Oil

1 Of The Best Essential Oils For Acne
The Best Essential Oils For Acne

You must know very well that lemon essential oil is an antibacterial that removes various types of itching, swelling, irritation, etc., from our face. But you also have to take care to use this oil only on the affected area. Be careful not to apply this oil to any cuts or wounds. Then it can be harmful. Lemon essential oil is mainly used to kill germs and keep many bacteria at bay.

The Best Essential Oils For Acne-Rosemary Oil

If you are very worried about pain, this Rosemary essential oil can help reduce the pain. This oil is perfect for acne because it has various antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Try rosemary oil for a few days, and you will get excellent results; it will remove blemishes from your face and make your face bright and clean.

Other Best Essential Oil Used For Acne

  • Lavender Oil
  • Grapefruit Oil
  •  Melaleuca Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Sandalwood Oil


You have been detailed here about much essential oil. But as good as these oils can be for acne. Sometimes too many of them can have negative effects. Follow the instruction on it before use.

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