Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff
Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

Tea tree oil is a plant found in Australia that is used to make essential oil and may have excellent properties such as antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Tea tree oil can be used for various purposes, such as controlling dandruff, and tea tree oil is also used to heal common wounds. This tea tree oil is rich in various properties. Dandruff is a common scalp condition that occurs mostly in winter and affects both men and women. Many people are worried about dryness and use various things that do not make any difference to them, so we should use things that are beneficial for us and do not cause any harm.

Dandruff has several causes.

There are many causes of dandruff out of which we have mentioned some of the common ones:

  • irritated skin
  • dry skin and hair
  • a fungus called Malassezia
  • contact dermatitis
  • poor hygiene

Benefits of tea tree essential oil for dandruff

There are many benefits of using tea tree essential oil for dandruff:

Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff
Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

Tea tree essential oil helps reduce itchiness, greasiness, and lesions associated with dandruff on your scalp. A study found that shampoo with tea tree oil has positive results.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff 

If you have dandruff and want a solution to this problem, you can try this essential tea tree oil for dandruff treatment in different ways. It would help if you used a shampoo that contains about five percent of tea tree oil. If you already have shampoo and you can’t buy shampoo, or you can’t find a shampoo with tea tree oil, then you are using shampoo. So add five drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo you are currently using, mix it well, and remember to massage it on your scalp with light hands when you use the shampoo. By the way, if you don’t have tea tree oil to get rid of dryness, there is no problem. To reduce dryness, you can also use other essential oils like olive oil or coconut oil in your shampoo. I can help.


As much as tea tree essential oil is beneficial for dandruff on our scalp, the eating of tea tree oil can also cause harm to us, so eating this oil can prove to be a poison for you. Do not eat this oil, and do not apply it near your mouth. Also, keep this oil away from your eyes. If this oil gets into your eyes, it can cause irritation and redness. It can also cause internal damage to your eyes, so immediately wash your eyes with warm water. Do it and consult your doctor. Applying this tea tree oil directly to your scalp may also cause burning or itching. By the way, it does not cause any harm to tea tree oil, but if you are already allergic to something or to tea tree oil, then using this oil can cause you to re-allergy, so remember that whenever you start using it, do a test first.

Final Thought

Dryness is not considered serious from a medical point of view; it is a common problem indeed; there is no doubt that tea tree essential oil is used to reduce dryness, and it has proven to be effective in reducing it has happened. Especially caused by a fungus called Malassezia, tea tree oil is very good for this. Similarly, different people can have different types of dandruff. For example, if you have an itchy scalp that you can’t tolerate, if your scalp is numb or sore, or if you have open sores, you should see your doctor and get advice. Then you have to consult your doctor before using this tea tree oil.

Just remember one thing: when using tea tree oil to reduce dandruff or mix it with shampoo, apply it to a small area first and wait for a while before any damage occurs. If not, or if you don’t feel discomfort, you should use it completely.

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