Self-esteem in your child

In this article, we will talk about Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids, and how to build self-confidence in our children. Self-esteem affects every aspect of children’s lives. Self-esteem not only helps a child improve academic performance, but also develops social skills and a better ability to build lasting relationships.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids? Relationships with peers and teachers only benefit when children are sufficiently confident. Confident children are better able to deal with mistakes, disappointment, and failure, as well as challenges. They are better able to accomplish tasks and are better prepared to set their own goals. Self-confidence is actually a lifelong need that teachers and parents can easily instill in a child, but our carelessness can damage it very quickly.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids? Parenthood is not an ordinary thing. You have to build a society, a system, and a generation. To manage this duty, both father and mother have an equal role. Generally, everyone tries their best to raise children. Even in many cases, parents tell their kid’s such things that they used to be unaware of. Parents do this for a reason. They do not want their children to suffer like they used to. This is the most significant gift from elders. We should value them so our kids will learn from us and do the same. Here the issue matters are the self-esteem of kids. Below we mention some ways to build self-confidence in children.

How to develop self-confidence in your child?

  1. Give feedback to the children.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects.
  3. Give constructive criticism.
  4. Identify positive traits.
  5. Set realistic expectations.
  6. Let them learn from their mistakes
  7. What does Self-Esteem Regard Kids
  8. Consideration About It
  9. Solving the Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
  10. Benefits Of Doing These Steps
  11. Conclusion

Now let’s discuss all these points in detail and try to follow each of them.

1. Give feedback to the children.

Avoid giving children feedback that is purely praise-based. Phrases like “I’m proud of you” and “You’re really good at math” are not only unhelpful to children, but they can lead children to think about their personality based only on praise. Instead, praise their specific achievements and mention the efforts and strategies they have put in place during that time. In this way, students will find your feedback useful and get inspiration from it.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

In addition to letting students know that you are paying attention to their work, go beyond just feedback and give them the opportunity to comment on their work. For example,

  • I saw that you paraphrased your writing to organize it, which is a great strategy.”
  • I can state that you are now doing arithmetic problems with fewer errors.
  • I acknowledge your tremendous effort, but I notice a significant improvement in your writing.
  • I noticed you made a mistake, yet you kept going. Good scientists, mathematicians, and writers all do this. Rather, you made it right.

Through purposeful feedback, you positively influence children’s self-esteem and encourage them to achieve academic goals.

2. Focus on the positive aspects.

Have you ever noticed that both children and adults with low self-esteem tend to focus on the negative? They often tell people what they can’t do, mention their flaws, and dwell on their mistakes. Such people need to be encouraged and convinced not to think so negatively about themselves.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

Lead your students by being an example in this regard and teach them to forgive themselves. Tell them to focus on their mistakes but also on their strengths. Gradually, they will find that focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses increases their self-esteem. Focusing on the positives doesn’t mean you can never give negative feedback, it just means that you tend to be more positive and less negative.

3. Give constructive criticism.

Children with low self-esteem are usually unable to take criticism, even if you want to help them. So be very careful in this matter. Always remember that self-esteem is closely related to how much children see themselves as worthy of praise, value, acceptance, and love. You should behave in such a way that the child will have better self-esteem, and will see themselves as you see them.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

Try to understand that, as parents and teachers, you play the biggest role in the development of a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. You can easily build or hurt a student’s self-esteem, so use constructive criticism whenever possible, and try to make your words as positive as possible.

4. Identify positive traits.

Some students should be given the opportunity to talk about things they can do well or feel good about. You’d be surprised at how many children with low self-esteem have a hard time with this task. So it’s important to give the children some tips to help them with this task. It will prove to be an excellent exercise for them, which will benefit them a lot.

5. Set realistic expectations.

Setting realistic expectations for your students or children is critical to setting them up for success. For this, you should know their strengths and weaknesses.

Once you know what a student can and can’t do without help, design tasks and activities for them that aren’t so difficult that they can’t do them, but just enough. After finishing, you should have a sense of accomplishment.

6. Let them learn from their mistakes

Focus on what was learned from the mistake instead of what was lost. Try to turn failures into positive opportunities. The example of learning from mistakes is actually another great opportunity you have to guide your students. Make them realize that everyone makes mistakes, then show them as a role model how you correct your mistakes with patience, hope, and courage. This way, they will start to see mistakes as learning opportunities as well.

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids


1. Why is self-esteem important for a child?

Children with strong self-esteem are confident and skilled. They are ecstatic about their abilities and who they are. They want to give it their all and are motivated by their sense of accomplishment. Kids are more likely to have a growth mentality when they feel secure and confident about who they are.

2. What influences children’s self-esteem?

Like many other aspects of a child’s development, self-esteem is the consequence of two interrelated variables that are generally referred to as nature and nurture. Self-esteem development in children is influenced by their connections with family and friends, as well as by their biological potential and constraints (nurture).

3. Can parents cause low self-esteem?

There are few possibilities for children to reflect on themselves and have their own positive thoughts and feelings when parents are overly interested in how their children define themselves in the world. The growth of self-esteem and confidence is jeopardized in both situations.

4. What age does low self-esteem start?

Orth’s statistics indicate that many adults have a drop in self-esteem after this time, which starts out subtly at about age 70 and becomes more pronounced around age 90.

5. How self-esteem is formed in kids?

Self-esteem in children starts to develop very early and continues to grow over time. Learning to accept our flaws while choosing to enjoy ourselves helps us develop self-esteem. Every time a young person engages in productive conversations with supportive comments, their sense of worth rises.

6. What does Self-Esteem Regard Kids

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

It means how children see themselves. What do you think about their abilities, specialties, values, and existence among people? They have a shortage, that is why they think according to it. The attention is all for them. They believe everyone has to listen to them. In general, how they feel loved and received encouragement from essential people in their life like their parents. Although siblings also fall in this category. But the importance of parents’ presence in kids’ life has no replacement.

Similarly happened with children. They want to attach and get everything from their parents. All these factors are reasons for self-esteem in kids.

Consideration About It

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

Being confident does not mean that everything revolves around us. Healthy self-esteem is all about importance and appreciation. If your kids do a tinny thing, you have to consider it. They will learn appreciation. By passing grades, playing games, show them affection. This thing gives them the consciousness of importance. When you treat them according to reality, like forbidding them from wrongdoing, miss behaving, and encouraging them to the good things. Here the actual work starts. It is on you how to deal with it, either carefully or ignore this stage, considering they are just kids.

Solving the Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids
Solving Issue OF Low Self-Esteem In Kids

While there are a lot of tricks and methods for dealing with low self-esteem, in children matter, you have to be conscious and more careful. Here is the stage of building a future adult. So, any harsh word can embed in them and cause damage their personality. Some tips are mentioned here.

Spend More Time

Your presence is all about kids. Take out time, and spend quality time with children. Listen to their problems and tell yours. Share memories. Talk about general knowledge. Discuss their favorite shows and act. This is how you will build the interest of your kids in you.

Play With Them

When you take some amount of time, do their friendly activities. If your kids want to go outside, take a tour with them. Play games like football, cricket, loud, chew the fat, and many more. When you play with them, kids consider it as value. Having fun with kids has numerous benefits for both of you. This act will lead to creating self-esteem in your kids.

Show Love

Love is a common language for beings on earth. You can make anyone friends with you by showing love. Children are the definition of love. You treat them loveable, and they will attach to you. Showing affection to the kids is a great way to create confidence. Knowing how much you value them gives a sense of security, which is crucial for kids. Your unconditional love lays the foundation for strong, healthy, and trusted relationships with your kids.

Assign Them Responsibilities

This is the central part of building self-esteem in your kids. Give them any responsibility according to their age. It will help them to understand the sense of duty and accomplishments. You can start from anywhere, like,

  • Watering the plant
  • Open the gate for parents
  • Organize their thigs
  • pack the bag
  • Put the utensils back into the kitchen
  • Wash their plates

Having these responsibilities is not only beneficial for them, but it will help to teach them how to control life.

Avoid Insulting Your Kids

It is the root cause of low self-esteem in kids. You have to be more careful at this stage. Handle the matter wisely. Tell them their mistake instead of shouting at children. Whenever your kids misbehave, that frustrates you, be sure your nerves are calm first. Treat them gently. Many times kids do this to seek your attention. When you continuously show your peaceful behavior, it will create a sense of respect for you. Next time they feel shame to do insulting things in front of you.

Benefits Of Doing These Steps

Many parents complain about what they will get to all this because their kids are the same. So it is requested that consistent time is the crucial factor of success. They have to be patient and focus on their duty. Their hard work will show the fruits. The benefits people can get are,

  • Perfect personality of kids
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Build confidence
  • Children learn themselves
  • They learn how to respect you
  • Kids get extra knowledge
  • They can do self-defense in the absence of parents
  • Kids get a successful life


Building self-esteem is an essential task for parents. It all depends upon the circumstances in which you live. If you are happy, then the kid will get the same feeling. While being sad and overrated every time will lead the low self-esteem in your kids. That causes a big problem for you. So, take the necessary steps and pay attention to this area.