How To Take Care Of Hands And Nails At Home

How To Take Care Of Hands And Nails At Home
How To Take Care Of Hands And Nails At Home

As we take special care of their face similarly, we should take good care of our hands and nails. Because our hands go through such things as when you clean the house or wash the dishes, your hand is exposed to many things that can harm your hands and nails. But that doesn’t mean we have to treat our hands with expensive treatment beautifully and care for them. So in this post, we have brought you some ways that you can follow to keep your hands and nails healthy and beautiful while staying at Home.

 Home Remedies

If you want to make your hand light and beautiful so for that, we have some homemade remedies for you. By doing this, your hands will become beautiful naturally.

Lemon Juice

First, take warm water in a large bowl and then add lemon juice to it. And then, put your two hands in this bowl and keep it inside for about15-20 minutes, then wash your hands with cold water and then while she moisturizes her hands.

Aloe vera

How To Take Care Of Hands And Nails At Homev
Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is in everyone’s house, so it is a very homemade remedy. So, first of all, I got a fresh gel for the leave. And then apply it to your hands at night before going to bed and wash your hands in the morning.

You can do these things about your hands if you have wrinkles on your hands.

  • drink as much water as possible, about 12 glasses a daily
  • Wash your hands often and apply sunscreen
  • keep your hands moisturized and make this a part of your daily routine

 Simple Beauty Tips For Hands And Nails At Home

Moisturize your hands

How To Take Care Of Hands And Nails At Home

You will find many goods moisturize in the market that will suit your criteria. Apply them after washing your hands thoroughly about three times a day. Remember that in summer, you should choose a moisturizer that does not contain grease, etc. you can use grease moisturize in winter because our skin gets dry in winter, and that’s why we need moisture.

Pamper the hands

To make your hands and nails naturally beautiful, you must have a manicure about once o month. It will be very beneficial for the skin of your hands.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day, and do not use any dish soap to wash them as it can be harmful to your skin. Make sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water; too hot and too cold water is not good for your hand skin.

 Paint your nails

If you love to paint your nails, remember that whenever you paint your nails, you must always use a base coat as it does not stain your nails, and because of this base coat, your nail polish lasts a long time.

Protect your cuticles

Use excellent cuticle cream or oil to prevent the cuticles from roughing out or drying. If you want a home remedy, you should apply two or three ropes of glycerin on your hands two to three a week and go to bed in the morning with lukewarm water and wash it off, so you will find your hands soft and supple.

Other tips

  • Protect Your Hands From The Elements.
  • Avoid Too Hot Temps In The Shower
  • Slather On The SPF
  • Exfoliate Regularly
  • Invest In Cuticle Oil
  • Don’t Forget To Buff
  • Wear Gloves In The Kitchen
  • File Your Nails In One Direction
  • Eat healthily
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