Why are more boys born in the world Every Single Year?

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Why are more boys born in the world Every Single Year?
Why are more boys born in the world?

Why are more boys born in the world? In England and Wales, more boys than girls are born each year. But why? Since birth records began in 1838, boys have outnumbered girls. Since Queen Victoria’s reign, there has not been a single year in which more girls were born. For example, in England, 348,071 boys and 331,035 girls were born in 2017, a difference of about 17,000.

And this trend of more boys has persisted for almost the last 180 years.

Half of the UK’s population ‘Ladin’

Why are more boys born in the world? This trend is prevalent all over the world. In countries like China and India, the ratio of boys to girls is even more disparate because of the social preference for boys.

Why are more boys born in the world Every Single Year?
Why are more boys born in the world?

What is more surprising is that people have known about this ratio since the 17th century, but we do not know much about its reasons, although there are many guesses regarding it.

It has to do with evolution!

  • The first theory to explain the reasons for this phenomenon has to do with evolution. According to this theory, in order to have an equal number of males and females in old age, there should be more boys at birth.
  • This is because being a man can prove to be dangerous. Boys are more likely to die than girls in childhood and throughout most of life, from accidents, suicide, risk-taking and health problems.
  • That is, if there are more boys at the time of birth, then this number will be equal when they grow up.
  • Even when looking at the proportion of older people, women outnumber men in the UK.

Sperm and timing

There are several factors that determine whether sperm from a boy or sperm from a girl will be successful. These include parental age, the woman’s ovulation cycle, mental stress, diet, and sex position.

A common idea is that by not having sex a few days before a woman’s ovulation cycle, female sperm, which live longer but swim more slowly than male sperm, have a chance to The male goes after the sperm and fertilizes the female.

On the other hand, if sex is done close to the ovulation cycle, male sperm have a better chance.

Parents swear by these methods, but scientists say there’s no evidence to support them.

Some studies have shown that girls are more likely to be born in case of parental mental distress, and boys are more likely to be born in cases of war.

Survival in utero

If the sex schedule doesn’t matter, is there anything you can do during pregnancy?

If male and female sperm counts are equal and conception rates are roughly equal, this means that more female fetuses are lost to maintain a higher male birth rate.

Some research has shown that female fetuses are more likely to be lost in utero, while male fetuses are more fragile in the later stages of pregnancy and are more likely to die at birth.

Scientists have not yet fully discovered the reasons for this. All we know is that more male fetuses carry a pregnancy to term and therefore more boys are born.

Why are pregnant women advised to sleep on the crotch?

Why are more boys born in the world Every Single Year?
pregnant women advised sleeping on the crotch

Why are more boys born in the world Scientists have advised pregnant women to sleep crotch for three months before giving birth to avoid stillbirth?

A study of 1,000 women found that if women sleep on their backs during the last trimester of pregnancy, the risk of the baby dying doubles.

The study examined 291 women who had stillbirths, while the study also examined 735 women who had live births.

Researchers say that the way women sleep is very important and they should not be alarmed when they wake up and find that they were sleeping on their backs.

Keep in mind that in the United Kingdom, one in every two hundred babies is stillborn, while the authors of this study say that if women slept cross-legged, the lives of at least 130 babies a year could be saved.

The research, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BJOG), is the largest of its kind to date and confirms the findings of research conducted in New Zealand and Australia.

Professor Alexander Hazell, who led the study and is director of the Tommy Stillbirth Research Center at St Mary’s Hospital, advises women to sleep on their crotch if they ever sleep in the third trimester.

He said: ‘I don’t want pregnant women to wake up and find they’re sleeping on their backs and fear that they haven’t harmed their baby.’

According to them the position in which you go to sleep is more important than the position in which you wake up.

He said: ‘You can’t do anything about the position you wake up in, but you can do something about the position you go to sleep in.

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Place a pillow or pillows behind you to help your crotch sleep

Why are more boys born in the world Every Single Year?
Help your crotch sleep
  • When you wake up at night, check your sleeping position and then try to sleep on your back.
  • Try to rest in this position during the day as well as at night.
  • If you wake up at night while sleeping on your back, don’t worry, go to sleep with a crotch.
  • This study did not show any difference between right and left crotch sleeping. (Source: Tommy Charity)

Nothing can be said with certainty about the increased risk of stillbirth, but many statistics show that when a pregnant woman sleeps on her back, the weight of both the baby and the uterus affects the blood vessels. Which can cause a lack of oxygen in the baby.

However, Edward Morris of Bezog welcomed the findings, saying: ‘This is an important study which provides further evidence that the sleeping position of pregnant women has an effect on childbirth that can be changed.

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